Sweet Like Summer

The UK summer may have been rained off but Moi Moi Moi producer Oliver Price has collaborated with dutch singer Jerusa Van Lith to bring you some more rays of sunshine. Their new band North-C releases their debut single ‘Sweet Like Summer’ this week. Look out for it on Apple Music, Spotify and all the usual channels and catch the official video below!

Festive Offers

Moi Moi Moi composer Oliver Price worked with Wake the Town  put together this simple piano and acoustic guitar track, featuring coconut percussion, for this charming Lidl spot in the run up to Christmas.

Russian Snow

Last year Moi Moi Moi writer Oliver Price teamed up with David Goo and Maria Brachkova of the The 150 Friends Club to write a piece of music for a trapeze act and it won the Silver Medal at the Festival Mondial Du Cirque De Demain! Hold on to something solid and rooted to the earth and watch it below if you like.

Why am I telling you about this now? Because the song has just been released! You can buy a copy here.

Young’s Love Fish

MoiMoiMoi composer Vince Webb worked with The Sound Works to record this classical interpretation of the traditional folk tune ‘When the Boat Comes In’.  This charming television commercial introduces the new Young’s Seafood cat Malcom, voiced by Rupert Everett.