Stop For No One // Ziggo Zakelijk

Moi Moi Moi writers Oliver Price and Tom Greenwood’s barn storming blues rock track Stop For No One scores this great new commercial for Ziggo Zakelijk in Holland. Thanks to BMG and Twisted Jukebox for the placement.

Hilo Lohi’s first release // Final Kiss

Our first release on our record label Hilo Lohi is out today! Final Kiss by Polychrome is a crisp production that features floating vocal samples on
flowing synthesiser, a deep estuary of thick chromatic chords. Victoria’s silky,
reverberating lyricism pours through the verses, and rock-pool crevices are filled with
intertwining bubbly synthesisers.

Check out Nothing But Hope and Passion for a premiere and review of the track.

The beautiful artwork for the single and forthcoming album is by the print designer Lisa King.

New music, New swimwear

This idyllic vid full of beautiful people and places for Lisa King’s gorgeous swimwear label features a sneak peek of the track ‘White Noise’ by S1GNS – out soon on Hilo Lohi records. S1GNS is a new band featuring Moi Moi Moi writers Sarah Berresford (Oh Sister) and Oliver Price. Keep an eye out here for news on gigs and releases!

Spelling It Out

Clocks and Watches by Moi Moi Moi Composers Oliver Price and Samantha Whates has been selected for this lovely commercial for Amazon Kindle featuring some of the young US Cripps spelling champions!

Clocks and Watches is available through Cavendish Music. Props to 5 Alarm Music for placing it!